Abyss Moana


D: Joseph Helmer
S: Sarah Lemer, Harvard University

The Abyss-Moana project wishes to merge Art and Evolution!

The garment that we are designing will represent the biological and evolutionary connections that link all boneless organisms of the marine ecosystem. We want our dress to be a messenger that will convey ambitious messages including themes like ecology, species evolution, DNA decrypting and human impact on ecosystems.

To symbolize Sarah’s phylogenetic studies which aim at clarifying the genetic relationship among species, the dress will represent the interconnections between organisms.
It will be created in a canvas printed with Sarah’s underwater research pictures.
The asymmetrical outline of the dress represents the shape of a marine bivalve shell. Because Sarah’s research also deals with the effect of natural or human made environmental modifications, we try to convey an eco-responsible message by including natural and recycled materials. For example Helmer will use raffia to create embroideries on the printed canvas, glass tubes and salvage small elements like pieces of lace or buttons made out of plastic and glass bottle caps will be used to depict the complex texture and body shapes of more marine organisms.
Altogether the creation of this ambitious project will require over 120 hours of work from Helmer.


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